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Alamance Foods, Inc.

Alamance Foods, Inc. was founded over 100 years ago by R.W. Scott. In 1927, his son expanded the business by establishing the Melville Dairy and soon became the major provider of milk, butter, and cream to the population of Alamance County, North Carolina. The next expansion came in 1959 when Alamance Foods was established as a separate company for the production of a new and exciting product: aerosol whipped cream. Today, the company is one of three major producers of aerosol whipped cream in the United States. For more information, please visit their website at www.alamancefoods.com.

Welcome to the National Ice Cream Mix Association

Who We Are

The National Ice Cream Mix Association (NICMA), established in 1945, is a nonprofit trade association representing the manufacturing industry of ice cream mix, soft serve frozen dessert mix and shake mix. NICMA is located in Arlington, Virginia.


Our Mission

The National Ice Cream Mix Association is a non-profit trade association representing member companies across the United States who share a common interest in the soft serve mix industry. The Association uses its resources to foster and promote the general interests of its membership and the soft serve mix industry.


Our Objectives

  • To promote the interest of the ice cream mix, soft serve mix and shake industry and increase the use of the same through cooperation among the various factors in this industry in the matter of standards, research and public education.
  • To act as a clearing house for the exchange of ideas beneficial to this industry and the public.
  • To keep the members of the Association informed of legislative proposals or actions concerning this industry and of research or other new developments in this industry.
  • To act as the voice for the industry in all matters connected with public relations or cooperation with governmental agencies.